Value Proposition – Integrate Help Desk with Asset Management

As a combined solution an IT Help Desk and IT Asset Management solution deliver a greater value proposition to business. 

Enhancing the value proposition by combining an IT Help Desk and IT Asset Management solution yields benefits far greater than those delivered by two individual solutions.

Tighter integration of a company’s decision-making capabilities and improvements in visibility of IT assets is achieved.


Benefits of IT Help Desk and IT Asset Management
Using an IT Help Desk solution with built-in Asset Management functionality drastically improves an organisations performance. The most apparent benefits are:

  • Improve visibility and control of incidents, problems, changes and assets
  • Integrated change management module                  Diagram-Asset-Management
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reduced cost of IT services
  • Manage issues and track assets immediately
  • Decrease response and resolution times
  • Decrease IT inefficiency

Improve visibility, Control of Incidents, Problems, Changes and Assets

IT Help Desk and Asset Management requirements are managed by a single integrated solution. There is a clear view of all incidents, problems, changes, requests and assets requiring switching between solutions to track critical data.

Integrated Change Management Module

Change Management helps your organisation manage change in a controlled manner resulting in minimal service disruption and greater productivity. Costs for IT services are reduced by introducing an organised approach to change management.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Hardware and software information available in the integrated Help Desk and Asset solution assists the IT Technician to resolve issues faster. This has a positive effect on the business value of the IT department.

Reduced Cost of IT Services

Embedding Change Management into the Help Desk solution eliminates wastage of time on unnecessary or poorly planned infrastructure modifications. The result is a saving of money for the organisation.

Manage Issues and Track Assets Immediately

With an integrated help desk and asset management solution discovering IT Assets and solving customer issues is simplified. Information in the Asset database is used to troubleshoot problems logged in the Help Desk module.

Decrease response and resolution times

Service level agreements (SLA) are configured via customisable business rules. Each business rule is configured with a unique due date, notification and escalation supporting various workflows.

Decrease IT inefficiency

Integrated IT Help Desk and Asset Management solution eliminates disorganised management of repetitive tasks.


An integrated IT Help Desk and Asset Management Solution helps your IT operation perform smoothly, eliminating redundant work and enabling delivery of top-quality IT services.


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