What is a Service Desk and why does your company need it

Service desks are a single points of contact between users, IT Service Management and customers. A well run service desk enhances customer relations and improves the company’s image


The modern service desk has matured and become a flexible tool. It is customisable and modular in design allowing management to select only the modules they require.

Service desks are automated and include self-service modules enabling more to be done without increasing costs and the staff compliment.

Value of a Service Desk

The value of a service desk is measured in terms of performance improvements gained in productivity and improved customer experience.

For management an acceptable return on investment (ROI) is important and the value gained by purchasing the solution must justify the cost. The service desk must be easy to use and understand by both agents and customers alike.

Advancement in remote management technologies enables agents to attend to customers problems at remote sites without having to send a technician there. This capability reduces down time and the cost to resolve the problem.

 Management Benefits

Management dashboards and comprehensive reporting supply the needed controls to track customer issues and problems. This information is used to project future customer trends and plan for business related changes.

An ability to track time spent on a given type of problem enables agents to inform customers how long it takes to resolve the problem based on historical data available in the system. This empowers the agent to be more accurate when dealing with customers queries.


The increasing adoption of the IT infrastructure library standard (ITIL) is fuelled by more demanding customer expectations. ITIL brings structure and maturity to the service desk. The larger enterprise solutions are configured according to the ITIL framework.

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