Service Catalogs and Customer Care

an excellent explanation of how a Service Catalogue functions

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By Dick Stark

On Thursday we hosted a BMC FootPrints/Service Core Webinar for approximately 100 SDE, Remedy, FootPrints, and Track-It customers and prospects.  I pointed out the three key building blocks of any successful ITSM system: a finely tuned CMDB, Analytics Engine, and Service Catalog. Then, we backed this up with a terrific presentation and demo.  As I mentioned during the webinar, whether we’re ready or not, Service Catalogs are everywhere, as illustrated by my new car purchase. Turns out it came with its own personalized service catalog.

I experienced first-hand “my own” service catalog this week. While driving on the beltway, I noticed a tire icon blinking on the dashboard.  While disconcerting, I hoped this incident was a “false positive,” and kept driving.  When I did stop, I noticed that everything seemed to be ok. My next step, a phone call to the dealer?  Hardly, I wasn’t even sure whom…

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