Technician Licenses, Named and Concurrent for the Help Desk

Technician licenses to access the Help Desk are available as Named and Concurrent licenses. A Named license is allocated to a single Technician and Concurrent licenses are allocated to  groups of Technicians


IT managers purchasing Technician licenses to access the help desk are often confused by the Named and Concurrent license models available to them. It is understandable that the terms can be confusing, so let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Technician licenses – Named

A Named license is allocated to each Technician that requires access to the help desk solution. For example, if you have 50 Technicians who access the help desk, you will need 50 Named licenses; one license for each Technician. Microsoft often refers to this type of licensing as “Per Seat” licensing. It is interesting to note that this license model is often cheaper than the Concurrent license model on a one-to-one basis.

Technician Licenses – Concurrent

The Concurrent license model is more flexible than the Named license model.  Using this model a group of Technicians are assigned to a single Concurrent license. However, only one Technician at a time from the group can use the “Concurrent” license. The remaining Technicians in the group have to wait for the license to become available before the next one can use it.

Technician licenses

Technician licenses

Usage of License Types

The purpose of offering two license models is to create flexibility for the IT manager. For example, call centre operators are allocated Named Technician licenses because they need permanent access to the help desk solution. On the other hand, Technicians who log in periodically are allocated Concurrent licenses. They are often busy at remote locations and only need access to the help desk to update or close a call.

Common License Model Confusion

The term Concurrent license is confusing at times. A common misunderstanding is that Concurrent implies that all licensed Technicians can log in simultaneously. This understanding is incorrect. When a group of Technicians are assigned to a Concurrent license, the first Technician to log in is granted access. The others will have to wait until the Concurrent license becomes available. Rather use Named Technician licenses if all your Technicians must log in simultaneously.

License Costing Model

Historically the Named license is less expensive than the Concurrent License. However, that may not be entirely true because you can allocate 2 or more Technicians to a single Concurrent license which brings the price of the Concurrent license down considerably.


Named and Concurrent Technician licenses are both very important license models for the IT manger. Using both license models together saves money and creates flexibility. The IT manager no longer needs to purchase a Named license for each Technician when one Concurrent license will be enough for his group of Technicians.


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