Predictions for 2015: ITSM Disruptors

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By Dick Stark

BMC’s Anthony Orr, and Pink Elephant’s George Spalding, presented a webinar last week, Predictions for 2015: ITSM Disruptors.  Their presentation although interesting, was somewhat disjointed with most of the time spent on stories about new technologies such as wearables, like LG’s new GPS KrizON bracelet  for kids, devices and sensors, smart homes, intelligent projectors, and of course the mind numbing internet connections, now referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). The webinar spent little time on how new technologies will actually disrupt ITSM, the response or fix, and IT or BMC’s solution. Here are my webinar takeaways.


We are digital users and it is a mobile world.  For millennials especially, it is all about what’s on a mobile device.  All organizations from Coffee Shops to Banks, need to adapt. Fortunately, BMC has MyIT which allows mobile device users to submit and check trouble tickets as well…

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