My Dream Reader – Assignment 4

My dream reader will possess a well-developed sense of humor. He or she will love to laugh and be able to see the funny side of life. Making time to read a good book and enjoy a glass of wine in the company of friends is important to me. Where is the fun in life  if there is not enough time to be silly once in a while?

The dream reader I have in mind is not a particular person, but rather someone that possess qualities, interests and characteristics similar to mine. So much of my time is spent at work where being serious is the order of the day. Being able to let your hair down and just be yourself at the end of the day is very important to me.

A while ago I went “Sky Diving”. It was an amazing experience that I would consider doing again. The group of friends I made are very brave people. A little crazy, but very brave none the less. To have a reader from this group of people will be an honor.

On second thoughts, maybe going “Sky Diving” again is not such a good idea. The wife will be out in full cry marching up and down the runway swinging her baseball bat waiting for my return. There will be no prizes for anyone that guesses what she plans to do with her baseball bat. 🙂

What has this got to do with my dream reader? Well, nothing actually. It is just my vivid imagination getting the better of me.


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