Productivity Grinds To A Halt

Productivity grinds to a halt when the boss is away

The age-old adage that “the mice will play when the boss is away” is so true even in the most organised office environment. Let this happen on a Friday and even the dedicated workers take time out to watch the pranksters at play.


When The Boss is Away

It is fun to watch and even better to be a part of the “action”. Behold the day the boss returns unexpectedly. All hell breaks loose when his / her presence is noticed. A tangible silence suddenly hangs over the merrymakers followed by a flurry of activity as all the participants try in vain to look busy with their work.

Has it happened to you yet? Well, not to worry it will, trust me it will. When it does, you will discover your brain turns to mush and you make the lamest excuses trying to explain why you are not hard at work completing the task you spent the better part of the day discussing with your boss. If he was in a foul mood before he left the office, trust me he will be even worse now.

Have fun at the office my friends, have fun. However try not to get caught by your boss when she is having a bad hair day.



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