LInking ITSM to Business Value and Maturity

Dick Stark's Blog

By Dick Stark

RightStar just finished an internal project aimed at determining customer value—what processes have been enabled or improved using ITSM tools and is that improvement measurable in terms of improved efficiencies or reduction in the overall cost of service management?  To investigate, weset up interviews with ten FootPrints, Remedyforce, and Remedy customers ranging in size from small to large. Although there was room for improvement, especially around process consulting, overall the customers had a positive experience with RightStar. Additionally, most customers, despite their ITSM toolsets, operate at a relatively low level of ITSM maturity.

In a 2014 Gartner Study, “The IT Service Management Unified Framework: Linking ITSM to Business Value and Maturity,” Gartner introduced a new model, the IT Service Management Unified Framework—a single strategic view into the relationship between ITSM, delivery, maturity and business value.  The report begins by discussing organizations that use a bottom-up…

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