Writing 101 – Free writing

Where to start and what to write. So many thoughts flow through my mind. Nothing holds my attention long enough before it is replaced by another idea that seems even better than the previous on.

Well, thankfully this is all about free writing, giving me the freedom to dream a little and let my mind wonder. However I better rein it in before the entire 20 minute session becomes a blabber of meaningless words.

How does this relate to the theme of my blog I ask myself. Frankly it does not. There is no structure and clear direction, no statement to make or logic to prove. A total sense of free thought that has a mind of its own, going where it pleases and dragging me along for the ride. Buckle up and let’s see where it takes us.

I can hear the sound of distant traffic humming down the motorway through my open window. In South Africa winter is supposed to be approaching and the days are getting cooler. Well, that was the way it used to be. Now the mornings are cool enough to be pleasant while by midday the temperature soars to 27 degrees centigrade. That is warm for Cape Town at this time of year.

There is a beautiful tree in full bloom outside my window. Nature has forgotten that winter is, or should be approaching in this corner of the world.





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