Writing 101 – 3 Songs And Their Meaning

Music has always played an important part in my life. It is an anchor to my past, my present and my future. It has the power to raise my spirits and just as easily, send them crashing into a pit of despair.

Looking back over the years, I have been fortunate to experience the rock movement of the 70’s, punk of the 80’s and so much more. Then along came Rap and the likes of Eminem and his “Rap God” song. Now I do not know about you but rapping 100 words in 15 seconds is an impossible speed for most of us.

One of the big musical moments in my life was the release of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The censor board released the movie without an age restriction. However, 6 weeks later they reversed their decision, deciding that the track “Touch-a Touch-a Touch me” was unsuitable for public viewing, and set a date for the banning of the movie.

The night before the banning every cinema in the country aired a double feature of the movie for one last time. The irony being that the entire audience consisted of school children.  Those were the same children who skipped school or slept through half the lessons the following day.

The next song on my list is from the “Rock” genre. Go and listen to the way Meatlof sings his song “Bat out of Hell“.  The music is wild and noisy but it carries a message if you listen to the song.

My last selection is the theme song of one of the “Rocky” movies starring Sylvester Stallone. I refer of course to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. A very fitting piece of music for a powerful movie of the time.

There are so many more songs that come to mind that are worth mentioning so it is actually sad to stop now.


  1. lilypup said:

    Good choices! Lots of pounding beats in there. You did a great job on the prompt. lily


    • ryandan said:

      It is a nice cross section of music. Thank you for your comment.


  2. inidna said:

    I’m pretty sure that if most of us bloggers had the choice, we’d have continued listing more than just three songs. Great choice of tunes!

    Liked by 2 people

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