Writing 101 – The Letter

A woman brushes past me as she dashes to board the last train to Cape Town. In her haste she drops a letter and I watch as it drifts slowly to the ground at my feet. Without hesitating I stoop and pick it up before rushing after her.

Too late! The train doors hiss close and I watch in dismay as it accelerates out of the station. I turn away from the edge of the station and walk back to the bench where I left my luggage, letter in hand.

Seated once again, I examine the letter hoping to find an address I can return it to. The outside of the old envelope is blank so I gently remove the single sheet of paper from the open end. The paper is delicate and has a soft feminine fragrance.

There is a short scribbled message in the centre of the page.

Mom, help me please! I am in serious trouble, and need you here. Paul is missing and the police are not taking me seriously.

You warned me that this may happen, but I did not listen. I have moved in with Mrs Smith because it is no longer safe at home.

Please hurry mom, I think Paul is dead…




    • ryandan said:

      Hi Casey
      Thank you for your support. I will definitely elaborate in the next part.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Casey said:

        Yippee! 🙂


    • ryandan said:

      Yes there will be a second post where I will flesh out the characters.


    • ryandan said:

      Thank you for your support allaboutcherly. The next instalment is on the way.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. DADuff said:

    Well, that catches the attention! Certainly seems like the beginning of a longer story…


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