An Introduction – Who Am I

Welcome to my blog and my first post in the Blogging 101 course. I am excited to be part of the blogging community and proud of the small steps I have taken so far. I admit that I find it challenging at times to write an article, and look at the blank screen with no idea what I will post for the day.

Today I have decided to lean on the daily prompt for inspiration.

Why blog publicly?

A good question, but the short answer is a simple one. I have never been one to keep a private journal. it does not appeal to me, and I will find every excuse under the sun to avoid it. Blogging publicly on the other hand is far more challenging and rewarding. People read my posts and comment on them and I get the opportunity to interact with all these wonderful bloggers.

What topics?

This is a good question with a very broad answer. I write articles for my company’s website as well as my private blog. In the case of the company website, articles are very focussed on IT related issues. My private blog on the other hand, is a little cluttered and does not have a singular direction. Frankly, I am enjoying myself and just having fun; the focussed direction has taken a back seat and will come later.

Who to connect with?

Like minded people I guess. Anyone with a sense of humour that can see the funny side of a situation. I am not here to offload my worries and troubles. I will go and see a shrink if I ever need one. On a more serious note, there is always a time when laughter must be put aside and attention placed on pressing issues.

A year later?

Well, within the year I would like to have a more active blog and make friends with more of the blogging community. I am sure my goals will change during the year, but for now I want to blog and learn as much as I can.

Join me and have some fun and let’s see where we are in twelve months time.


  1. I find that I like to blog publicly as well, primarily for the feedback and interaction from other bloggers! Looking forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

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  2. Uday said:

    Nicely written. I have just started a private journal but of course that’s to note random stuff that I pick up from people and the environment to aid in my fiction writing 🙂

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