Edit The Title And Tagline

What is in a name, or to be more precise, what is in a blog title and tagline? I remember the hours I spent pondering over what my blog title and tagline should be. I changed them more often than I care to remember before settling on “Life In The Fast Lane”.

How I eventually selected it I cannot say, but I like it and it is very appropriate. Let me explain. I work in the software industry, a very dynamic and constantly changing environment. It is filled with challenges and new technology that constantly demands my attention. I have the curiosity of a child and an unsatisfiable thirst to understand and work with new technology.

Another reason is most likely the ” extreme sport” that I have been involved in. Skydiving by default is not for the faint hearted, but more likely reserved for those of us with a death wish. Go and read my post https://ryandan.wordpress.com/?s=ROOM+WITH+A+VIEW where I briefly explain the sport.



  1. Your title and tagline seems to fit your personality perfectly,from what I have read!!! I am suppose to partake in a skydiving adventure July 15th. Do you have any suggestions on preparation besides the information I located on the companies website?


    • ryandan said:

      Yes, pay close attention to the instructors and do exactly what they teach you. They will teach you how to landd . Please listen to all aspects of the landing . Lastly enjoy the ride, it is an awesome adrenaline rush.

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