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Love Your Daughter

Daughters are put on this earth to be loved – no matter what. I recall reading something alone these lines a long time ago. What the author failed to mention is that these same daughters can be a tad challenging at times when they do not get their own way. Then again, that is what makes them so special.

Weekends are times to reflect on the week just past and your successes and achievements. Ah, but that is before Tes arrives home on Friday afternoon in one of her argumentative moods. The cats run and hide under the bed while the dogs disappear into the far reaches of the garden not to be seen for the rest of the day.

The heavy oak front door bursts open and thumps loudly against the wall, allowing the cold winter sunlight to stream into the house. Tes glides through the entrance heading for her room, “Hey dad, you home yet?” can be heard from behind the now closed bedroom door. “University was terrible today.  The lecturer did not arrive and the assignment he left us to do had a page missing”.  “Worse still, it rained on the way home and I got wet”. Can you fix this for me?” “Who me? Of course not! Remember, men do not understand anything” and with feminism the flavour of the day I decide not to try. A quote borrowed from the movie Madagascar, “Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave” seems to be very appropriate.


I have learnt to walk on egg-shells when Tes is in in one of her moods. Is it the right approach?  Definitely not, but sometimes it is the best approach. Do I understand her moods? Oh yes without a doubt. Any father that has raised a daughter on his own develops a very special bond with her and understands her in ways nobody else ever will. I know when she is happy or sad, when to leave her alone and pen an article like this or when to sit with her and let her cry on my shoulder.

Then along came dating and another new amazing yet concerning chapter begins in Tess’ life. The hormones are racing and dating is now the name of the game. Boyfriends come and boyfriends go (without my help of course). Some do not even get to the first date but who cares? Not me sir. The sooner they leave the happier I am.

I have a motto about dating that has served me well.



So, to all you wonderful parents out there, have fun raising your daughters. Even the bad days will be remembered fondly and your frustration will quickly be forgotten.


By Ryan

Owner of ABACON-IT a software company in South Africa.

We provide consulting services to small and medium-sized companies. Our field of specialisation to support companies manage their computer investment.

26 replies on “Love Your Daughter”

I just keep thinking, oh no look what I have to look forward to, after reading this. Great post, and a very honest account. Bonds between fathers and daughters are very special, I think the list is hilarious, my husband and I have joked about “a list” often! Good on you for raising children on your own. Parenting is the toughest and most amazing job in the world.

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And that is just the beginning.

I will share one more thing with you. I will never change this experience for anything in the world. It is priceless. There have been many tear jerking moments and moments of self doubt. Those moments belong in another post that will most likely never be written.


Wonderful. I see what you mean now how my post and your post are directly related. You have an understanding of your daughter and how you are supposed to/how you actually act for her/around her. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I just sent your post to my dad as well 🙂


Hi there seem to be a very special bond between you and your daughter. I learnt a lot from you post, i leave with a sense of the importance of understanding my daughter. Will definitely share with my husband.

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wow…can you teach that to my hubby …lol he is very old school and boy do we clash daily on the battles to choose and not holding onto a grudge and understanding kids even at 3 yrs old. our girl is 3 yrs old and i have boys up to 16 and I still can totally relate to this I love it. Our girl is nicknamed terror cause she acts like a boy who is ready to take on the world at 3 lol and nothing ever gets to was your daughter at 3 if I may ask? If not I understand
much love and great job

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At the age of 3 Tess was hard at work being a tomboy. If I may offer some advice – guide her away from trying to be a tomboy now already. The older she gets, the more difficult it becomes. Trust me on this one. I left it a few years too long.
As for your hubby! I will leave that in your capible hands.

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yea i try but for some reason she doesn’t like to be anything like a girl she hates her hair done at all hates staying clean and I hate any dirt on my kids lol unless of course out at park playing but yea my hubby is in my hands lol

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Our daughter was an absolute bear. I mean it was nightly through her college years, We had her evaluated by a psychologist. A doctor put her on an anti-depressant. The result was night and day. Now I am NOT saying this is your situation, but for us it was a blessing. You’re a great father.

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Sounds like you had your work cut out. I decided to do it with limited input from my GP and spent 2 years learning to understand Tess. Trust me it was challenging but worth it. The bond I now have with Tess is amazing.


What a cute post, and you are a great father. I am curious, how do you deal with the boyfriends you personally do not approve of… or maybe all? 🙂

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Cute – very cute. Dads should feel this way about their daughters. But I wonder about your dating motto. Don’t you want your daughter to find a guy just like you. Your motto would keep any suitor away. She’ll wind up being a spinster. Let her date.

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Hi Mariannescottwriter Not to worry about her becoming a spinster. Dates she does, but if I do not like the date I have a very polite way of telling him.
By the way, where did you get that name?


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