Spend 10 Minutes Doing This Every Day and You Could Transform Your Blogging



Today I want to suggest an exercise that has the potential to improve your blogging profoundly if you build it into your daily routine.

Look at another blog

OK – this may not sound that profound – most of us read other blogs every day but it doesn’t revolutionise what we do – but stick with me for a second while I explain HOW to do it in a way that could have a big impact.

Here’s what I do every day

I choose a blog and then spend 5-10 minutes reviewing it. My aim is not to ‘consume’ it as a reader…. but rather to review it with the view of learning about blogging.


  1. Sabina said:

    I do this for design a lot. I ended up redesigning my blog recently because I liked certain features on other blogs and found a theme that would incorporate all the elements I wanted.

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    • ryandan said:

      I tried that once too often and messed my theme up so badly . It was a hard lesson to learn. Now I try to be more careful. 🙂

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