About Ryan Danvers

Welcome to my blog. Why do I blog you may ask. I have asked myself the very same question many times. Frankly it is because I enjoy doing it. I interact with so many interesting people daily during business hours that writing down my thoughts is a natural extension.  





Purpose of the Blog

The focus of my blog is not very specific, and I like it this way. I am able to write about whatever appeals to me. Admittedly, you will find a constant flow of computer software related articles due to the nature of my work..Not everybody’s cup of tea, but something I am passionate about.

During the short time I have been actively blogging, I have had the good fortune of connecting with some amazing people who have positively influenced my blogging style. I have a lot to learn and am not afraid to admit it. I am thankful for all the positive advice received so far from the blogging community and try to be helpful where I can.

Last but not least, I have a twisted sense of humour and you will notice it from time to time in my articles. My intention is to have fun as a blogger, but not at the expense of my fellow bloggers. Expect a mismatch of articles every so often, come and have a look around and please tell me what you think.


10 replies on “About Ryan Danvers”

Hey Ryan,
I came to visit you and to see how you were doing. I also wanted to know if you were still serious about guest blogging on here? Sorry, It has taken so long for me to take you up on it.
I just finished Blogging 101. Decided to retake 201 and as well as Writing 101…I have never had that.
I’m stuck in the hospital this week. Not sure when I will get out.
How are you doing? Last time you message: the end of July , you’d said you’d been too busy to blog….Since I don’t see anything from this month, I guess you were right.
Sending hugs and well wishes.

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Hello Sarah

So sorry to hear that you are back in hospital this week.

Yes, you are correct about me being busy too. There has just not been time to blog lately. That will change shortly because I need to write a few articles for the company website.

I have not forgotten about my promise to guest blog. Let’s chat about that. I would like to focus on IT if that is okay with you. I have already prepared an article for you.
Wishing you well

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I can send the articles in Microsoft Word format to your email address and you will have to post them, or

You can create a guest account allowing me to save a draft of the article directly onto your site. You will have to approve it and then publish it yourself.

What will be easier for you?


Your Writing 101 assignments blow me away. You are quite the talented creative writer. My husband & I skydived once when we first dated. What an adrenaline rush. Quite frankly, the adrenaline rush was so intense that we decided skydiving could easily be addictive and haven’t done so since.

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