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Advantages of Bimodal IT Operations

Bimodal IT Operations can be described as IT operating in two different modes and speeds. Mode 1 being the traditional and safe approach while mode 2 is the agile and disruptive approach. According to Gartner, “Enterprises must learn to operate in two essential modes”. Bimodal IT (McCall, 2015). There are advantages and risks when embarking on a dual-mode IT model. This article will focus on the advantages associated with Bimodal IT for an organisation. Before discussing the advantages of Bimodal IT, let’s review what the 2 modes.

Refer to article 1 in the series where I explain what Bimodal IT is all about. What is Bimodal IT Operations? 

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9 Tips For Building A Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing. It’s one of the biggest buzzwords in recent years, and everyone is eager to dive into it.
In fact, it is probably the most effective and sustainable way to grow traffic, earn leads, and increase revenue. Unfortunately, some companies and bloggers are just absolutely failing at it.