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Disadvantages of Bimodal IT Operation

Gartner defines Bimodal IT as “an organisational model that segments into two categories based on application requirements, maturity, and criticality.” This approach necessitates the creation of separate investment, management, and governance techniques for each category. (Gartner, 2016)

For the remainder of this article, I will refer to the two categories as Mode 1 being traditional and Mode 2 the newer Agile mode.


There is a logical rationale to Gartner’s Bimodal IT decoupling of the legacy systems in Mode 1 from the Agile systems in Mode 2. However, one dilemma faced by all Bimodal IT adoptees is the transition of Agile Mode 2 projects back into the core enterprise processes and services located in Mode 1.

This article will focus on the disadvantages of Gartner’s Bimodal IT approach. This is the third article in the Bimodal IT Operations series. The second article in this series discusses “The Advantages of Bimodal IT Operations”.

IT Department Responsibilities

The responsibility of the IT department necessitates caution and it, therefore, adapts slowly to changing technology and business requirements. Traditionally the IT department focussed on stability and not speed. However, one of the key exceptions to this rule is the introduction of an independent Agile, Mode 2 team. According to Forrester Research, Bimodal IT is the wrong approach at a time when customer preferences for digital technologies are forcing companies to move faster.(CIO, 2016)

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Advantages of Bimodal IT Operations

Bimodal IT Operations can be described as IT operating in two different modes and speeds. Mode 1 being the traditional and safe approach while mode 2 is the agile and disruptive approach. According to Gartner, “Enterprises must learn to operate in two essential modes”. Bimodal IT (McCall, 2015). There are advantages and risks when embarking on a dual-mode IT model. This article will focus on the advantages associated with Bimodal IT for an organisation. Before discussing the advantages of Bimodal IT, let’s review what the 2 modes.

Refer to article 1 in the series where I explain what Bimodal IT is all about. What is Bimodal IT Operations? 

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What Is Bimodal IT Operation

Bimodal IT can be defined as the practice of managing two separate, yet coherent modes of IT delivery within the same organisation. The term was first coined by IT consultancy Gartner Inc (Wigmore,…

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Microsoft Windows 10 Released

Microsoft Windows 10 has finally arrived. The wait is over and everyone that can is downloading a free copy. What is all the excitement about Windows 10? After the slow uptake of Windows 8 and 8.1 is Windows 10 really a great improvement?







Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft is moving Windows away from its heritage of enabling a single device into a world that is more mobile, natural and grounded in trust. The new thinking is that technology must be behind the scenes. Your apps, services and content must move with you across all your devices seamlessly and easily. It must also be secure and private.

A Free Copy Of Windows 10

Microsoft has always been known to have an outstanding marketing department and they have come up with a gem of an idea to give Windows 10 away for free for a year. Unfortunately all the good intentions have been tarnished by the lack of transparency around the working of “free upgrade”. Is it free for a year, or free for the lifetime of the device that Windows 10 is installed on? A very interesting article by Gordon Kelly throws some light on the confusion and lack of transparency the wording of the “free” copy of Windows 10.


Privacy Concerns – Windows 10

One major issue that has occurred in Windows 10 is that of privacy. Firstly, by selecting the “express settings” upon first boot, you are actually agreeing to send a lot of data to Microsoft.


Free Upgrade – The Small Print

According to the Microsoft small print, Windows 10 is available to all customers running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on condition that they upgrade during the first 12 months after Windows 10 is released. After upgrading a device to Windows 10, all patches and service packs will be available free of charge for the supported lifetime of the device.

Financial Implication

Microsoft plans to coax consumers into upgrading to Windows 10 by offering it for free for the first 12 months. How is this going to affect their bottom-line? Also, a constant flow of free upgrades will negatively affect the computer manufacturers who historically have depended on computer upgrades to kick-start new hardware sales to the consumer and enterprise markets.

A New Update Cadence










Microsoft has listened to their enterprise customers who have complained that they cannot keep up with the continual update stream and new versions every three years. In an attempt to get these customers back into the fold Microsoft has introduced a conservative track that Gartner has labelled “long-term servicing”. This is aimed almost exclusively at the enterprise customer.

The plan is to take all the consumer speed updates and release them as a single update pack, without changing the features available. This cadence may give enterprise customers more time using a fixed feature set and allow them to upgrade only when new features are required.

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What Is Bimodal IT Operation

Bimodal IT can be defined as the practice of managing two separate, yet coherent modes of IT delivery within the same organisation. The term was first coined by IT consultancy Gartner Inc (Wigmore, 2013), which defines the two tiers as follows: “Mode 1 is traditional and sequential, emphasising safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is exploratory and non-linear, emphasising agility and speed.” 


The two phase Bimodal IT approach recognises that an IT organisations ability to quickly respond to business goals require different groups of people, processes, technologies and budgets than the provision of traditional and reliable IT systems.

Bimodal IT strategy enables an organisation to create space within traditionally conservative and risk-adverse IT organisations for some disruptive experimental start-up activities. However, managing the two modes within one organisation is easier said than done and can lead to increased conflict between business and IT. read more…


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2/3 of my Degree Complete!

Source: 2/3 of my Degree Complete!

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I know who you Really are…

A sweeping emotional ride.

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Trust Google to venture into nanotechnology

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I Know You

K E Garland

I know you.
Your mother was abusive.
Your father left for another family.
But still they are not responsible for your happiness.

I know you.
Your sister was drug addicted.
Your brother molested you.
But still they are not the reason you cannot smile.

I know you.
Your stepmother ignored you.
Your stepfather mistreated you.
But still you cannot blame them for your sad circumstances.

Love your self.
You are not an abused daughter.
You are not an abandoned child.

Know your self.
You are not your sister’s illness.
You are not your brother’s problems.

Know your worth.
You are not an unimportant stepdaughter.
You are not your stepfather’s rage.

You can become responsible for your own happiness.

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AIR: Part One

This is an awesome story of a very brave woman. Not even cancer could break her spirit.

Jess Dewes

On January 30th, 2014, a woman walked into my photography studio carrying a tote bag full of oxygen tanks and jewelry. She smiled at me from under the hose that disappeared into her nostrils and I fell for her instantly.

On film, first meeting, 1/30/14.

A few months prior to the day Julie VonderHaar came to my studio for a portrait, I was invited to be part of a group photography show at a gallery called SOHA in South St. Louis, MO.  I was informed that the theme of the exhibit was simply AIR. Each photographer (8 total) was to interpret the theme however they liked and create something for the show. As a businessperson, exhibiting in shows like this is rarely lucrative, but the artist in me couldn’t resist the opportunity to stretch a bit beyond my work portfolio of baby portraits, corporate head shots, and wedding documentation.

I knew…

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The Unusual Battles of a UCT Student

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LInking ITSM to Business Value and Maturity

Dick Stark's Blog

By Dick Stark

RightStar just finished an internal project aimed at determining customer value—what processes have been enabled or improved using ITSM tools and is that improvement measurable in terms of improved efficiencies or reduction in the overall cost of service management?  To investigate, weset up interviews with ten FootPrints, Remedyforce, and Remedy customers ranging in size from small to large. Although there was room for improvement, especially around process consulting, overall the customers had a positive experience with RightStar. Additionally, most customers, despite their ITSM toolsets, operate at a relatively low level of ITSM maturity.

In a 2014 Gartner Study, “The IT Service Management Unified Framework: Linking ITSM to Business Value and Maturity,” Gartner introduced a new model, the IT Service Management Unified Framework—a single strategic view into the relationship between ITSM, delivery, maturity and business value.  The report begins by discussing organizations that use a bottom-up…

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Why you need a maxi skirt

Why you need a maxi skirt.

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How to Share Your Work with a Targeted Audience

Password protection is always important. In this article Ben describes the reasons why.

The Daily Post

We’ve touched on similar topics in the past, from creating boundaries between your blog persona and real-life one, to keeping your daily life safe from online intrusions.

The great thing about having your own site is that with one click of the Publish button, you can reach the entire world. Or at least that subset of the world with an internet connection, a bit of free time, and a keen interest in knitting / vegan brownies / attachment parenting / haiku writing / [insert your favorite topic(s) here].

What do you do, though, when you want to keep that public stage open — but also share some of your work in a more discreet way? Sometimes you might feel like writing a more personal post than you do usually. Or you might want to get feedback on a work in progress you’re not entirely happy about yet. There are all…

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Welcome to My Home

Stunning. To think that in my country was 42 degrees Celsius yesterday.



(Photo101, first assignment, 2015 March 3]


{The beautiful Bleeding Heart is from last year.   It is safe and sound under the clump of snow seen to the right  in the photo below.]

This scene is the one that I enjoy the most when I return from traveling.  The barn and the greenhouses are across the road, the maple trees along the road an in the next door neighbor’s yard.   These are good sized shrubs, nestled along the path through the snow covered walk.  I am standing at my front door, shooting outward, toward the southwest.    The beautiful wind-chime is a bell made of metal, the clapper is shaped like a Ginko leaf. DSC02173Ginko leaf.  DSC02156


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“Me Time?” Why it’s not my ideal Saturday morning? It never is…

Oh golly. This is so true. I can even add a few myself. Dad, where is my… Dad where did I leave my school bag.


What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?


Why not?  Well, let’s see…the answer to that involves a ride in a tow truck.   Not that there is anything wrong with wreckers–in fact it’s sort of fun when the ride is on the turnpike when the truck can go really fast and the driver likes to lean on the horn.  Scares the bejeebers off of me if I’m the motorist riding along minding my business, but sitting there riding shotgun in the tow truck cab is…..well, empowering. 

It had warmed up to about nine degrees with the sun streaming down on the tundra.  The van had stopped in the middle of the driveway, facing the road, a bonus for the tow truck driver.    The two rear tires were beyond flat, they were flapping off the rims as they  dragged up onto the flatbed.


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Predictions for 2015: ITSM Disruptors

Dick Stark's Blog

By Dick Stark

BMC’s Anthony Orr, and Pink Elephant’s George Spalding, presented a webinar last week, Predictions for 2015: ITSM Disruptors.  Their presentation although interesting, was somewhat disjointed with most of the time spent on stories about new technologies such as wearables, like LG’s new GPS KrizON bracelet  for kids, devices and sensors, smart homes, intelligent projectors, and of course the mind numbing internet connections, now referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). The webinar spent little time on how new technologies will actually disrupt ITSM, the response or fix, and IT or BMC’s solution. Here are my webinar takeaways.


We are digital users and it is a mobile world.  For millennials especially, it is all about what’s on a mobile device.  All organizations from Coffee Shops to Banks, need to adapt. Fortunately, BMC has MyIT which allows mobile device users to submit and check trouble tickets as well…

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Valuing Startup Experience

This post was written for and originally appeared on Inc, which you can view here.

Picture this. Two identical candidates walk into your office for a job interview. The only difference between the two candidates is that one has a resume full of experience at a large company, the other has the same depth of experience at a startup.

To read the rest of ANDREW DUMONT‘s article

The rest of Andrew Dumont’s article can found on his blog here…

This post is published courtesy of Andrew Dumont

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Service Catalogs and Customer Care

an excellent explanation of how a Service Catalogue functions

Dick Stark's Blog


By Dick Stark

On Thursday we hosted a BMC FootPrints/Service Core Webinar for approximately 100 SDE, Remedy, FootPrints, and Track-It customers and prospects.  I pointed out the three key building blocks of any successful ITSM system: a finely tuned CMDB, Analytics Engine, and Service Catalog. Then, we backed this up with a terrific presentation and demo.  As I mentioned during the webinar, whether we’re ready or not, Service Catalogs are everywhere, as illustrated by my new car purchase. Turns out it came with its own personalized service catalog.

I experienced first-hand “my own” service catalog this week. While driving on the beltway, I noticed a tire icon blinking on the dashboard.  While disconcerting, I hoped this incident was a “false positive,” and kept driving.  When I did stop, I noticed that everything seemed to be ok. My next step, a phone call to the dealer?  Hardly, I wasn’t even sure whom…

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