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I Know You

K E Garland

I know you.
Your mother was abusive.
Your father left for another family.
But still they are not responsible for your happiness.

I know you.
Your sister was drug addicted.
Your brother molested you.
But still they are not the reason you cannot smile.

I know you.
Your stepmother ignored you.
Your stepfather mistreated you.
But still you cannot blame them for your sad circumstances.

Love your self.
You are not an abused daughter.
You are not an abandoned child.

Know your self.
You are not your sister’s illness.
You are not your brother’s problems.

Know your worth.
You are not an unimportant stepdaughter.
You are not your stepfather’s rage.

You can become responsible for your own happiness.

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Writing 101

Love Your Daughter

Daughters are put on this earth to be loved – no matter what. I recall reading something alone these lines a long time ago. What the author failed to mention is that these same daughters can be a tad challenging at times when they do not get their own way. Then again, that is what makes them so special.

Weekends are times to reflect on the week just past and your successes and achievements. Ah, but that is before Tes arrives home on Friday afternoon in one of her argumentative moods. The cats run and hide under the bed while the dogs disappear into the far reaches of the garden not to be seen for the rest of the day.

The heavy oak front door bursts open and thumps loudly against the wall, allowing the cold winter sunlight to stream into the house. Tes glides through the entrance heading for her room, “Hey dad, you home yet?” can be heard from behind the now closed bedroom door. “University was terrible today.  The lecturer did not arrive and the assignment he left us to do had a page missing”.  “Worse still, it rained on the way home and I got wet”. Can you fix this for me?” “Who me? Of course not! Remember, men do not understand anything” and with feminism the flavour of the day I decide not to try. A quote borrowed from the movie Madagascar, “Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave” seems to be very appropriate.


I have learnt to walk on egg-shells when Tes is in in one of her moods. Is it the right approach?  Definitely not, but sometimes it is the best approach. Do I understand her moods? Oh yes without a doubt. Any father that has raised a daughter on his own develops a very special bond with her and understands her in ways nobody else ever will. I know when she is happy or sad, when to leave her alone and pen an article like this or when to sit with her and let her cry on my shoulder.

Then along came dating and another new amazing yet concerning chapter begins in Tess’ life. The hormones are racing and dating is now the name of the game. Boyfriends come and boyfriends go (without my help of course). Some do not even get to the first date but who cares? Not me sir. The sooner they leave the happier I am.

I have a motto about dating that has served me well.



So, to all you wonderful parents out there, have fun raising your daughters. Even the bad days will be remembered fondly and your frustration will quickly be forgotten.


Blogging 101

Identify Your Target Audience

Here I sit at 2 minutes past midnight with a blank screen in front of me and no idea what to write about. Who is my target audience? Well, in a case like this – nobody I guess. It is highly unlikely that this article will appeal to anyone unless I can focus and get some direction. So, let me see where to go from here.

Blank Screen Syndrome

There are many theories and smart pieces of advice available on the web explaining what to do when you suffer from that dreaded writer’s block. Some of the classic problems are:

  • You cannot come up with an idea

    Wow, sounds just like my situation. – I have absolutely no idea what to write, my screen is blank and I am deleting text as fast as I type it. This is where I am supposed to step back and write something trivial to get the ideas going again. Yeah, right. At 6 minutes past midnight my head is screaming for sleep and I am going cross-eyed. I should be off to bed, but I am determined to complete the assignment tonight.

  • All the ideas peter out

    Oh yes, here we go again. Just when I thought I had a really cool idea all sorted out I lose interest or realise that no target audience in the world will be interested in it. Another idea dies a silent death only to be replaced by the next even crazier one. This is going to be a long night.

  • I have an outline but cannot expand on it

    At last, things are starting to fall into place. My article has an outline, but whatever I try, the article will not stay on track. The outline is faulty and I do not know how to fix it without a major re-write. Worse still, I have two peaks in my article and I do not know how to get from one to the other. – Off to the bin we go.

  • If nothing works on paper do some physical exercise

    I read somewhere that physical exercise is a sure way to get fresh blood flowing to the brain and this may stimulate the creative juices. Well, I can go for a walk or hit the treadmill. However, neither option appeals to me right now. This is Africa and you do not go walking around alone at this time of the night, well not unless you have a death wish. That leaves the treadmill then. Hmm, this will be fun! I can just imagine the look on my daughters face after being woken by our rather noisy treadmill.

I found a very helpful diagram produced by New York Book Editors ( that explains how to solve this terrible problem and will make use of it in future. It is too late for me to salvage anything more constructive than I already have.



Blogging 101

My Neighbours And I

Today I reach out to the wonderful bloggers that I have met so far. Their individual styles are a constant inspiration for me.  The diversity of the topics and the bloggers knowledge of the subjects they have chosen, encourages me to continue blogging as well. My blog is a little bit of many subjects and it is interesting to see that I am not the only blogger with this approach.

The assignment requires that I reach out to my neighbours. The five bloggers I have decided to list are as follows:

  1. Kitt O ‘Malley
    Kit is an amazing person that has put her life on display via her blog. Her tagline, “love live and learn with bipolar disorder says it all.
  2. Cheryl Christine
    Cheryl has a very diverse blog that always has something of interest to read. She has a very easy writing style that I like and is not afraid to say it as she sees it.

  3.  loveanagirl
    One of the really cool bloggers I have found. Go and read her article “What type of woman do you have” and you will see what I mean. An amazing sense of humour is included as well.
  4. Udayology
    This man has taken some amazing pictures that are cleverly incorporated into each blog post he writes.
  5. Amanda Under Construction
    Books, books and more books. This lady has more books than the central library. If I had the space my study would look the same.

There are so many more bloggers that deserve being mentioned. They too are amazing people.




Blogging 101

Edit The Title And Tagline

What is in a name, or to be more precise, what is in a blog title and tagline? I remember the hours I spent pondering over what my blog title and tagline should be. I changed them more often than I care to remember before settling on “Life In The Fast Lane”.

How I eventually selected it I cannot say, but I like it and it is very appropriate. Let me explain. I work in the software industry, a very dynamic and constantly changing environment. It is filled with challenges and new technology that constantly demands my attention. I have the curiosity of a child and an unsatisfiable thirst to understand and work with new technology.

Another reason is most likely the ” extreme sport” that I have been involved in. Skydiving by default is not for the faint hearted, but more likely reserved for those of us with a death wish. Go and read my post where I briefly explain the sport.



Blogging 101

An Introduction – Who Am I

Welcome to my blog and my first post in the Blogging 101 course. I am excited to be part of the blogging community and proud of the small steps I have taken so far. I admit that I find it challenging at times to write an article, and look at the blank screen with no idea what I will post for the day.

Today I have decided to lean on the daily prompt for inspiration.

Why blog publicly?

A good question, but the short answer is a simple one. I have never been one to keep a private journal. it does not appeal to me, and I will find every excuse under the sun to avoid it. Blogging publicly on the other hand is far more challenging and rewarding. People read my posts and comment on them and I get the opportunity to interact with all these wonderful bloggers.

What topics?

This is a good question with a very broad answer. I write articles for my company’s website as well as my private blog. In the case of the company website, articles are very focussed on IT related issues. My private blog on the other hand, is a little cluttered and does not have a singular direction. Frankly, I am enjoying myself and just having fun; the focussed direction has taken a back seat and will come later.

Who to connect with?

Like minded people I guess. Anyone with a sense of humour that can see the funny side of a situation. I am not here to offload my worries and troubles. I will go and see a shrink if I ever need one. On a more serious note, there is always a time when laughter must be put aside and attention placed on pressing issues.

A year later?

Well, within the year I would like to have a more active blog and make friends with more of the blogging community. I am sure my goals will change during the year, but for now I want to blog and learn as much as I can.

Join me and have some fun and let’s see where we are in twelve months time.


Blogging 101

Parody: Letter to Easy Days