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Onsoft Embracing the Cloud

Onsoft is now Embracing The Cloud by making BMC FootPrints available to their customers through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Customers are now able to utilise the power of BMC FootPrints, save on hardware costs and running expenses.


Onsoft was approached by the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC), based in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, to solve their serious service delivery problems. A hosted Service Management Solution ultimately was the best fit for them. To this end, they will be embracing the cloud to achieve their goal.

embracing the cloud

Embracing The Cloud using BMC FootPrints

To meet the software hosting requirement stipulated by BEDC, Onsoft entered the cloud market. We now have the infrastructure and technical expertise in place to host BMC FootPrints for our customer through a partnership with RSAWeb.

Infrastructure as a Service is a viable option for customers that do not have the hardware infrastructure or technical expertise for an on-site installation of BMC FootPrints. Customers that sign-up for this service retain ownership of their data. In the event that they decide to migrate to an on-premise installation their data goes with them.

This is a very exciting opportunity for Onsoft. It gives us the ability to address our customer’s business needs in ways previously not possible. 

If you would like to be contacted by Onsoft leave a message here. sales department.

Hosting Customer Requirements

Key elements of BEDC’s Service Management Solution are that it must be 100% web based and hosted by the service provider. This frees up the customer from any costly hardware infrastructure and server software purchases.

BEDC required a Service Management Solution allowing them to log calls from consumers and ensure that all customer requests are attended to timeously and resolved successfully.

Needs Analysis for BEDC

A needs analysis was conducted for BEDC and based on the findings, BMC FootPrints was proposed to management as the Service Management Solution. An agreement was concluded between Onsoft and BEDC where both parties agreed that the BMC FootPrints Service Management Solution would be implemented as an on-premise solution within the Cloud using IaaS.

All configuration and daily management of BMC FootPrints will be done by qualified administrators based at the head office of Onsoft, in Cape Town South Africa.


Onsoft is now Embracing The Cloud by making BMC FootPrints available to their customers through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Onsoft has over 15 years experience as specialist providers of service management software solutions that address a range of customer requirements from Customer Service to IT Help Desks. These solutions are available as a hosted or on-premises option. Although Embracing the Cloud is new to us, it is a natural progression.

Onsoft has implemented BMC FootPrints Service Management Solution for several clients in South Africa and Nigeria.  Based on Onsoft’s successful track record, BEDC selected BMC FootPrints as their solution of choice.

IT Information Library

Adopt ITIL At A Pace That Suits Your Business

IT systems require a highly disciplined and controlled approach to system management. 

Can a SMB (Small to Mid-sized Business) adopt ITIL? Yes, you can  adopt ITIL at a pace that suits your business and focus on the modules that identify with your business needs.

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) experience issues and challenges that are inherently different to the large enterprise. Their smaller team of IT experts support infrastructure, the needs of the users, maintain security standards and compliance.

 Selective Adoption of ITIL by Small Business

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a flexible framework and not a doctrine and it is challenging even for large organisations to implement.

Therefore, it is important that SMBs focus their implementation on areas that create the most business benefits. Typically, these are the areas where current and best practices gaps are the largest.

The four core ITIL  modules that will create the most business benefits are:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management

    ITIL for small business
    Incident, Problem and Change Management

By focusing on these core areas SMBs will improve the utilisation of existing resources and eliminate self-generated issues.

Implementing only four core ITIL processes provide SMBs with measurable management statistics and the proactive service approach demanded by business.

To analyse and improve business processes in four different areas is a huge undertaking. It is therefore advisable adopt ITIL at a pace that suites your business.


Adopt ITIL at a pace that suites your business may require a phased approach. It takes longer to roll out service improvement in phases, but the result is a higher quality of service management delivery.